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3441 Louise Lane, Brechin, ON

New House Design - Custom House Design

Resting in the heart of the Brechin community, this 4 bedroom house modern design shines through the woods and grab attentions of the commuters.

Our principal architect, combined art and engineering to create this beautiful house based on the developer's needs and descriptions for the space and the look they were looking for.

The house features open space with tall windows and cathedral ceiling on the main floor including a bedroom with en-suit. There are two more bedrooms on the upper level with en-suit bathrooms. The entrance is protected by a vestibule between the entrance and the hall. The tall and large windows on both levels allow for the house to let in the most sunlight it can from within the woody area sourrounding the house so the house doesn't feel dark and gloomy. The outside design is minimal to comfortably sit within and blend with the surrounding nature.

In the original design there were a longer deck all along the front wall accompanied with pillars to play with the tall windows that were all the way up to the under roof which the owner decided not to build to lower the cost but the house is still sunning and georgeus (please see the drawings).

Project Gallery

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