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Mount Albert

Robert hunter crescent

This is one of our featured landscape design. This house transformed from a regular house to a luxurious resident with our landscape and outdoor lighting design.


We connected the drive way to the backyard gate through creating a beautiful walkway garden. We also designed gardens to shape different levels to present the fine plants we chose for each of them. Different levels of the garden boxes not only define and categorize the plants they contain, but also give a playful sense of slope moving up towards the house. The plants were picked from the finest nurseries and give a variety of texture, colour  and hight that are pleasant for all seasons. They also create a natural and colourful privacy screen for the sitting area and the windows.

The colour and texture of stones and pavers we carefully chose, contrast and harmonize at the same time to give a natural feel and look. 

Please flip through the pictures to see before/after images.

11   /   06   /   2023

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